I want to assign my template style to something not available in the assignments

If you are using the FREE version, see if the assignment is available in the PRO version.

In the PRO version there is also the ability to assign by custom PHP code. This gives you the opportunity to assign to just about anything you can think of. You just need to know what PHP code you should use.

With PHP you can call on all data/information available in the variables, url, database, etc. And then do your checks on this data. You can tell the module whether it should be displayed by ending the PHP code with a return true or false based on your checks.

For examples and ready-to-use PHP scripts, check out the PHP Assignment Guide.

Can I use Advanced Template Manager with a template framework?

Many template frameworks completely override the Joomla! core functionality on how templates work and how they are controlled.

Advanced Template Manager relies on the core functionality, therefore the following (and maybe other) template frameworks are NOT compatible with Advanced Template Manager:

  • Astroid Framework
  • Gantry (RocketTheme)
  • JoomlaXTC
  • RSJoomla
  • T3 (JoomlArt)
  • Warp (YooTheme)