Using Cache Cleaner is very simple. The most straightforward way of clearing cache is by using the quick link in the Administrator panel.

After installing Cache Cleaner, on all your Joomla administrator pages you will see a "Clean Cache" link (with icon) in the bottom bar of the backend (the "status" bar module position):

Toolbar Button

Alternatively, you can also use a button in the Toolbar position of the backend. This will first need to be enabled via the system plugin settings.

Once enabled, on all your Joomla administrator pages you will also see a "Clean Cache" button in the toolbar.

Cache Cleaner - Button

That's it! By using either the link or the button, with just 1 click your cache will be cleaned - and optionally a whole lot more.

Progress Bar

Cache Cleaner doesn't even need to reload the page, because it uses ajax to clear the cache in the background. This means you can literally clear the cache at any time, even while editing an article, without leaving the page.

After clicking on the "Clean Cache" button, Cache Cleaner will show a progress bar at the top of your screen. This will turn green when the cache is successfully cleaned.

The message will also show the total size (KB or MB) of the cache and files that have been cleaned.

Cache Cleaner - Progress Bar