The {component} tags are not being converted

The Components Anywhere plugin is not published

Check if the Components Anywhere plugin is published. Go to Extensions >> Plugin manager and search for the system plugin System - Regular Labs - Components Anywhere. Then publish it.

There is markup on the {component} tags

If you have copy/pasted code directly into your editor, you might also have copied along hidden HTML tags. So this will also cause the {component} tags to break:

{<span>component</span> ...}

Remove the extra styling or other html tags around and in the {component} tags that might cause problems.

A Login Form is displayed

If you're testing Components Anywhere on your Joomla website in "Offline Mode", you may get a Login Form displaying on the page instead of the desired component.

To view components placed through Components Anywhere in offline mode, Make sure the Pass on Cookies option is enabled in the "Advanced" tab of Components Anywhere Plugin Settings. The setting is already enabled by default on new installs.

No component is placed

Components Anywhere will try to load in the given url. When this fails for whatever reason, you will find this Components Anywhere comment in your html output:

The component cannot be placed because an invalid url is given or the page timed out

This can have different reasons.

The url redirects to another url

First check the url directly in your browser. If it redirects - for example: due to SEF settings - then you need to use the final url in the {component} tag.

Joomla settings are conflicting

Make sure the Session Handle is set to Database and the Database Type is set to MySQLi in the Global Configuration.

An extension is blocking the url calls

Some firewall/security extensions will cause issues with Components Anywhere.

If you are using RS Firewall turn off cURL in the Active Scanner settings.

The server blocks cURL

You server might be blocking the use of cURL or fopen calls. To solve this, you need to contact your host.