In addition to the above discussed assignment options, Advanced Template Manager also gives you a few extra features to make template (style) management just that bit easier and faster.

Color Tag

You can assign a colour tag to a template style. In the template style list you can then see these colours and even order by colours. This does not affect the output of the template in any way, it is just a feature to use on the administrator side, to make grouping and finding certain template styles easier and faster.

You can customize the available colours in the Advanced Template Manager global settings.

Description & Notes

Advanced Template Manager adds the ability to add to template styles an optional short Description that displays in the template styles list. You can make this note show under the template style name, as tooltip or in a separate column (you can set this via the global settings).

It also adds a brand new dedicated "Notes" tab, with a much bigger field that allows you to enter more detailed notes.

More Actions Logs

Advanced Template Manager has the ability to log more specific actions to the Joomla User Actions Logs, compared to the core template manager.

In addition to creating, updating and deleting template styles, Advanced Module Manager can also log when the default template style is changed, and every specific file or folder that is edited in the template files manager.