Advanced Template Manager - Assignments

Advanced Template Manager comes packed with a multitude of assignment types and options that you can apply to each frontend template. You can assign template styles to, or exclude them from, virtually anything.

If all of the assignments in a template style are set to Ignore, that template style will not be assigned to anything.
As soon as you set one or more of the assignments to Include or Exclude, the template style will be assigned to the pages/situations matching those assignments.

Pages that have no template styles specifically assigned to them will use the template style that is set as Default.

Note: When using Advanced Template Manager, the core "Template Style" option in Menu Manager will be removed, as Template styles assignments won't be just limited to menus but to anything you assign them to.

Matching Method

You can use and combine any of the assignments. You don't have to just use one.

To control how multiple assignments are applied, there is a Matching Method option. This determines whether all or any assignments need be matched:

  • ALL: Will be published if ALL of the below assignments are matched at the same time.
  • ANY: Will be published if ANY (one or more) of the below assignments are matched at any time.

Assignment groups where "Ignore" is selected will be ignored.

Note: When setting any or more assignments to Exclude, the Matching Method should be set to ALL. Otherwise, using ANY would result in one Exclude condition to always match and the template style to show everywhere else.

Show Assignments

You can select whether to show the full list of available assignments or only the selected assignments that are currently used. You can use this to get a clear overview of the active assignments.

When set to Selected, all not-selected assignment types will be hidden from view.

Assignment States

Each assignment type has three possible states/options.

  • Ignore (default)
  • Include: the template style will be assigned to all pages/circumstances that do match that assignment
  • Exclude: the template style will be assigned to all pages/circumstances that do not match that assignment

By default all assignments are ignored, meaning the template style is not limited by assignments.
To use an assignment, you set the option to Include or Exclude depending on the desired effect.