Internal URLs

All you have to do to create a link is place the url inside the {modal} opening tag. Place the text you want people to click on between the {modal} opening and {/modal} closing tag.

{modal url="my/url"}Click on me!{/modal}
{modal url="sample-articles/my-article"}Internal url{/modal}

Full Page

By default, Modals will generate internal pages so that only the content (component) part of the page is displayed. So without any side and menu modules.

If you want to load an internal page as a full page (including all module positions), just add fullpage="true" to the tag.

{modal url="sample-articles/my-article" fullpage="true"}Internal full page{/modal}

External URLs

Just like with internal urls, simply place the external url in the tag.

{modal url=""}External url{/modal}

Please note that you cannot open non-SSL (http) urls inside a SSL (https) website, and you cannot open SSL (https) urls inside a non-SSL (http) website.