You can place modules via Modules Anywhere by using plugin style tags right into your WYSIWYG editor.

To place a single module, you can use the {module} tag.

You can also place complete module positions by using the {modulepos} tag.

Single module

The syntax is very simple. You tell the {module} tag which module to show simply by using the Title or ID of the module:

{module title="Title of my Module"}
{module id="123"}

When inserting the {module} using the module ID, you can also add a comment (eg. the Title) after the ID with the following syntax. For example:

{module id="64#This is the login form"}

This last syntax, unlike when using just the Title, won't bind the module to always keep the same title, because the syntax will still only depend on the ID. However, this allows you to add a comment and have a better idea of what the module is about when you insert it.

Module position

The {modulepos} tag works very much like the {loadposition} plugin in Joomla's core. But it works better :)
The main difference is that you can use the {modulepos} tag anywhere you can enter text, so not only in articles.

Just add the position name inside the {modulepos} tag, like:

{modulepos position="position-7"}