There are a couple of settings in the What? Nothing! system plugin to make it do nothing in a way that best suites your needs.

Be sure to adjust these settings any time you feel it can do nothing more effectively.

Basic Options

Do nothing? Select this for the plugin to do nothing!
Do something? Set this option to No for the plugin to not do something!
Do that how many times? Options: -137, 0, 1, 7, 15, 22, 28, 45, 59, 61, 62, 69, 83, 99
Hide this If you do not like this setting, hide it.
Question Enter the question!

Advanced Options

Increased performance Select to get a total of 0% better performance, effectiveness and efficiency (may vary per server/setup).
Activate Unicorn Shield This prevents unicorns from invading your house, which can happen when using What? Nothing! without the shield activated.

Options: No, Probably