"What? Nothing! has opened up my eyes to a fabulous world. At night - when I have to shut my eyes again - I cry myself to sleep."
Whoopy Goldburgh
"In the beginning there was nothing. Peter has brought that magic back and we thank him for it"
Simon & Garfuncle
"Cool, man! Totally awesome!"
Bart Simpson
"I would rather not have you talking to my son!"
Marge Simpson
"I don't see buying this as a payment, but as an investment in my company and life in general."
Steven Jobbes
"I don't see buying this as a payment either, but as an investment in my company and life in general too."
Phill Gates
"Ditto that!"
Linus Thorfalls
"I will refuse to setup a Joomla! website without this fabulous extension installed."
Brain Teeman
"This is what got me into music in the first place. Otherwise I'd have probably become a welder."
Mike Jackson
"A-N-D I T-H-O-U-G-H-T Q-U-A-N-T-U-M G-R-A-V-I-T-Y W-A-S C-O-O-L!"
Steven Hawkins
"Proud to be Dutch!"
"tlho' SoH vaD nuq pagh vaD tlhIngan"
"What is beyond the Universe? Nothing is beyond the Universe!"
Albert Einszwei
"You Can Not Be Serious!"
John Mackenro
Sheldon Cooper

* Any resemblance to names of other people is purely coincidental