Upon installing Advanced Module Manager on a Joomla 4 site, any of the previous assignments from the Joomla 3 version will be automatically converted to the new Conditions system.

So all your modules should automatically follow the same rules you had in the Joomla 3 version of Advanced Module Manager, without you needing to tweak anything. If any issues arise with the migration, please report them to our Support Forum.

How to Upgrade Advanced Module Manager from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4

Advanced Module Manager has a single package that works on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. The correct files will be installed from the same package depending on which version of Joomla you're using.

We have separate Documentation pages for the J3 and J4 versions of Advanced Module Manager. You can switch to the desired J3/J4 documentation by using the button on the top right corner of this site.

This is the process to upgrade any of the Regular Labs Extensions:

  1. First, make sure that your Joomla 3 site is updated to the latest Joomla 3.10 release
  2. On Joomla 3.10, update all the installed Regular Labs Extensions to their latest version
  3. Upgrade your Joomla 3.10 site to Joomla 4
  4. Upgrade the PHP version on your server to PHP 8.1 or higher
  5. Reinstall the latest versions of all the Regular Labs extensions. This will upgrade the extensions to their Joomla 4 counterpart.