If you need more control over the [data] tags you want to display, you can extend the possibilities by combining Articles Field with another Regular Labs extension: Articles Anywhere.

As you may know, with Articles Anywhere you can insert any Joomla articles data anywhere in your site. That means you can also use it inside the Custom HTML Layout of Articles Field!

With Articles Anywhere installed in your site, you can use it inside Articles Field by surrounding your code with a starting {article [id]} tag and an ending {/article} tag. Note that the [id] part is important, as it's what tells Articles Anywhere the ID of the linked article to display data from:

{article id="[id]"}...{/article}

This allows you to take advantage of the full range of Data Tags offered by Articles Anywhere, along with their respective options, such as Category Data, Text stripping, formatting Date fields, Images from content, Image Resizing, and much much more.

It even makes it possible to use If Structures inside the Custom HTML Layout.

Here is an example of using Articles Anywhere Pro inside Articles Field:

{article id="[id]"}
<div class="item"> <div class="pull-left item-image">
[link][image-fulltext height="50"][/link] </div> <h3>[link][title][/link]</h3>
[category-link][category-title][/category-link] </div>