Need more Conditions?

If you need to go deeper with more specific conditions options, you can use another Regular Labs Extension, Advanced Module Manager. AMM gives you the ability to assign modules with several additional options for each condition type. This means you could enter your custom text inside a module, and then include the module in your content, and your custom conditions set with Advanced Module Manager will be respected.

What about caching?

Depending on how you set up caching in your Joomla site, the content placed inside the {show} or {hide} tags might get cached too.
This may have an undesired effect on what content is shown, depending on what conditions you use.

Joomla generally caches pages on a page level (url) and language level. So in most cases it should not matter when that content is cached, Conditional Content will still output what you expect.

For certain conditions however, for example Date & Time related conditions, or Devices, cache might get in the way, so you might want to change some stuff in how that content is cached.

For example, when using the Conditional Content tags in a module, you could switch off the caching for that module.Or with some 3rd party caching extensions you can also switch off caching for certain scenarios.

Strip surrounding HTML tags

When inserting Conditional Content, the content editor might add surrounding html tags (such as div, p, span) to the {show} or {hide} plugin tags:

<p>{show usergrouplevels="registered"}</p>
<div>Your content</div>

This can cause unwanted generated output with the surrounding html tags, and therefore adding extra paragraphs or divs before and after your content.

You can prevent this behaviour from happening by enabling the general Strip surrounding tags option in the Conditional Content plugin settings, which will always remove html tags surrounding the {show} or {hide} plugin tags.

Or you can individually override this setting in the{show} or {hide} plugin tags by adding a trim="..." attribute with either a true (on) or false (off) value.

{show usergrouplevels="registered" trim="true"}...{/show}