But the best part, is that you don't really have to learn and remember the code syntax.

To make your life easier and save a lot of time, you can use the handy Conditional Content editor button, which helps you insert all the conditions you need with a simple interface.

With the default editor in Joomla, the editor buttons are located in the top toolbar. If you're using another editor, such as JCE, the buttons may be located below the text input area.

You can use this editor button to place {show} or {hide} tag with the desired conditions into your article (or other editor fields).

When clicking on the Editor Button, you will be presented with three tabs:


Here you can select whether you want the content to be shown or hidden, and enter your custom block of text.

By default, the content field will be a html editor. But you can also make it use your current Joomla Editor. To do so, customize the Editor Button Options in the Conditional Content plugin settings.

Alternative Content

Here you can enter the alternative content to display when the set conditions are not met.


Here you are able to assign any of the available conditions in a easy-to-use interface.