By default Quick Index will create an index from all headings found after the {index} tag. It also supports all headings found in subsequent article pages made with page breaks.

But you have multiple ways to tell Quick Index which headings to include and which to not include.

Excluding specific headings

You can exclude specific headings from the index by simply giving them a noindex class name. For instance:

<h2 class="noindex">I don't want to index this heading!</h2>

In the Plugin Settings you can set up extra class names that Quick Index should ignore, in the "No Index Class names" option.

Excluding blocks of content

If you use headings in a part of your content that you don't want included in the Index, you can exclude those headings from the index by surrounding the content block with {noindex}{/noindex} tags, like:

All the headings below this part will be included in the Index
All the headings below this part will NOT be included in the Index
All the headings below this part will be included in the Index

Defining the end of the content

As mentioned, Quick Index will include all headings after the {index} tag.

But you might want the index to only show the headings from the first section of your content. Or you might want to split the content up in blocks and have each block use its own index.

To mark the end of a section, you simply place a closing {/index} tag. In alternative, Quick Index will also automatically consider a section ended when it finds a new opening {index} tag.

The index will only include headings found between the opening {index} and the closing {/index} tag or the next {index} tag found.

This example will show 2 separate indexes, one for Fruits and one for Animals.


Fruit is yummy.

Apples are round and delicious.



Furry animals!

Aaah... a cat :)



Minimum and Maximum depth PRO

By default all heading tags from <h1> to <h6> will be included in the index by Quick Index.

If you only want the <h1>, <h2>, <h3> headings in the index, you can override the Maximum Index Level setting, like:

{index max="3"}

To only include the <h2> and <h3> headings, you override both the Minimum and Maximum Index Level setting, like:

{index min="2" max="3"}

If desired, you can still automatically generate anchors for headings that you don't include in the index, by deciding the Minimum and Maximum Headings Level in the Plugin Settings.