In the Pro version of Quick Index you can set the List Style that Ordered Indexes should use. You can set the default behavior in the Plugin Settings, or individually override the setting in the {index} tag.

The default is normal numbering. But you can choose any of these:

{index ordered_style="numbers"} or {index ordered_style="1"}

{index ordered_style="letters"} or {index ordered_style="A"}

{index ordered_style="letters_lowercase"} or {index ordered_style="a"}

{index ordered_style="roman"} or {index ordered_style="I"}

{index ordered_style="roman_lowercase"} or {index ordered_style="i"}

Individual Level Style PRO

You can also set a different List Style for each individual level in an Ordered List. You can specify this both in the Default Settings and in the {index} tag, for example by using ordered_style_2 for Level 2, ordered_style_3 for Level 3, and so on.

{index ordered_style_1="numbers" ordered_style_2="letters" ordered_style_3="roman"}

You can also accomplish the same result with a simpler tag that includes all Levels styles in a single attribute, by simply listing the styles in order inside ordered_style:

{index ordered_style="numbers,letters,roman"}