As you will see with all these replacements, you are the one that decides what to search for and what to replace it with.

These are some examples of straight-forward text replacements.

Shortcut for Company details

With this example you can place "COMPANY DETAILS" anywhere in your content and it will get replaced by nicely styled details, including links and images. Saves a lot of time!

Regular Labs
Call us at: +12 345 67 89


Enable the Case sensitive option.



<strong>Regular Labs</strong><br>
<a href=""></a><br>
Call us at: +12 345 67 89

Add styling to words

This example adds a span with a classname to all occurrences of 'My Company Name'.
Once you have a classname, you can style it any way you want through css. Like changing the text color and size. Adding borders and backgrounds. Or even adding icons before or after it.


My Company Name


<span class="my-special-class">My Company Name</span>

This replacement can however replace itself multiple times, as the result also contains what you are searching for.
I recommend you make sure the search text is not inside the final replaced output.
For instance, you can add extra spaces which your browser will ignore anyway, like:

<span class="my-special-class">My   Company   Name</span>

Or make this smarter via Regular Expressions.
In the following example, it will only replace 'My Company Name' if it is not followed by a < character.

Enable the Regular Expressions option.


My Company Name([^<])


<span class="my-special-class">My Company Name</span>\1

Changing words

In Joomla, pretty much all texts are taken from Language Files. This makes Joomla and extensions easily translatable.
However, not all extensions implement this correctly everywhere.

The best solution is of course to notify the extension developer and have it get fixed. But this does not always happen.
Instead of hacking the code of the extension, you can easily fix this through ReReplacer.

In this example we will be changing the word 'Cart' used in a shopping extension, for example, to 'Basket'.





So the 'trick' here is to just add some unique html found surrounding the word in the html output of your page.

Note: With the Pro version of ReReplacer you can limit replacements based on languages. This way you can make a different replacement per language.

Changing texts used in extensions to something else

The best solution is to see if these can be changed via the Language Overrides.

If not, see the above example.