IP Login comes with options, giving you control over how the plugin behaves. Here is the full list of options you can find in the User Manager and in the Plugin system settings:

User: IP Login

Enable In Select whether to enable in the frontend or administrator side or both.
Options: None, Both, Admin, Frontend
IP Address Enter the IP address you want to auto login on.
IP Address / Range Enter the IP address or range you want to auto login on.
IP Type Select to use the client (visitor) IP or the referrer IP.
Secret URL Key The secret URL key you need to place in the URL, like: http://www.yourdomain.com/administrator?123abc
Note Enter an optional note.

The Pro version of IP Login will give you the ability to set up to 5 IP addresses/ranges per user. PRO

Plugin: Behaviour

Remove URL Key Select to remove the secret URL key from the URL on pageload.
Options: No, Yes, Admin, Frontend