You can simply set up your IP address and a secret URL key in your user profile in the administrator.

After installing IP Login, you will have the following settings in every user profile. So to set up IP Login for your user, go to the User Manager and click on your user account.

Enter your desired IP address, and any secret key you would like to use. For example:

IP Login user settings

With the above example, you will be able to automatically log in on IP address 123.456.789.123 with URL key mxx8hrv4.

The URL key needs to be put in the URL as a 'query' variable, like:

If the URL already contains a ?, you can prepend the key with an &, like:

Multiple Setup PRO

With the Pro version of IP Login, you can set up the automatic login for up to 5 combinations of IP addresses/ranges per user, all with their own unique settings and URL keys.

Security Warning

Be aware that there is a small security risk.

Though the risk is low, as a hacker would have to find out your IP address (and spoof it), know that you have set it up as an auto-login IP address, and somehow find out your secret URL key.

So security breaches are unlikely.