The pro version of IP Login also gives you the ability to use IP ranges.

You can set ranges using the * wildcard to match any IP that starts with the given characters.

Or you can use a "dash" (-) for from - to ranges. In this case, the matched IP range depends on how many IP parts you give for the ending IP.

Here are some examples to show you how these work:

IPv4 Ranges

IP RangeIP addresses matching range
110.120.130.* to
110.120.* to to to to

IPv6 Ranges

IP RangeIP addresses matching range
1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:* 1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:0000 to 1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:ffff
1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:1000-1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:a0000 1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:1000 to 1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:a000
1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:8888-dddd.eeee.ffff 1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:6666:7777:8888 to 1111:2222:3333:4444:5555:dddd.eeee.ffff